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Gary Raesz Custom Floors has tile for every project - from home renovation to commercial construction. Whether you’re looking for the beauty and durability of natural stone tile or the refinement of ceramic tile, we offer affordable prices to meet every building need and budget. We have the world’s top brands and can provide you with a broad range of styles, cuts, and colors in conventional and modern materials.

The decorator effect of tile has only recently taken hold in homes of all styles; from contemporary to colonial, tile has a design and style to fit all applications. Tile is widely adaptable and can be used in an array of settings, from kitchens and baths to dining rooms and living rooms. Whether it’s a stone finish you're after or a traditional glazed finish, there’s a style to suit every taste.

Benefits of Tile:

  • Ease of Maintenance - Tile requires only the regular cleaning that any flooring surface would require.
  • Adaptability - From porticos in a dining room to a tiled hearth in front of a fireplace, you can adapt tile to nearly any surface, indoors or out.
  • Cost Effectiveness - When considering initial costs versus longevity, it becomes quite clear that ceramic tile overall offers the best "dollar per mile" of any flooring surface.
  • Durability - Tile is great for high traffic situations thanks to its strength and resiliency to staining and wear.
  • Style - Tile has a finish and style to adapt to any décor; from southwest to cosmopolitan, there is a color and a texture to fit every need.
  • Design Flexibility - Thanks to the variety of sizing options of tiles, design flexibility is drastically improved.
  • Capital Improvement - With its attractive style and impressive presentation, a good tile floor can add thousands of dollars in potential value to prospective customers.

The sky is the limit when it comes to tile applications and Gary Raesz Custom Floors can help you discover your home’s potential.

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